As the specialist for operating microscopes, we are happy to introduce ourselves and our high class products made in Germany to you. Designed to fulfill your individual demands, our microscopes support you in the microsurgical fields of ophthalmology, neuro, spine, ENT, plastic & reconstruction, as well as dental.

Being a member of the well known Haag-Streit group gives us the strength and knowledge to combine traditional values and innovative thinking. By experience we put all our attention on developing operating microscopes that will fit todays as well as future standards in optics, movements, ergonomics, and imaging.

To experience our operating microscopes we and our world wide sales partners are happy to interact with you. For us personal contact is very important. Thus, for first presentations, please also feel free to visit us on our various events all over the world.

Product Spotlight

HS Hi-R NEO 900
The first class ophthalmic microscope

HS Hi-R 700
The modular microscope with extraordinary movability 

HS Hi-R 1000
Newest technology for ALA and ICG

Funduscopy system with integrated inverter.


HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL is associated partner for operating microscopes 

EurEyeCase will design instrumentation and control techniques to improve clinical outcome for a selection of relevant and urgent vitreo-retinal procedures…read more